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November 2018
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Linen Herb Sacks for Hand-woven Christmas Gifts

Linen herb sacks from Anna Champeney Estudio Textil in Galicia Spain

Linen herb sacks from Anna Champeney Estudio Textil in Galicia Spain

Here  you can see my limited edition of mini stripey Herb Sacks with locally-grown lemon verbena (for lovely lemony herbal tisanes) for sale as christmas stocking fillers …   or fun presents for ecologically-minded friends or family members as well as  textile lovers! 

The sacks are inspired by the traditional hand-woven Spanish farm versions – which some of my neighbours still use in fact.   Until the 1950s or 1960s there were many hand-weavers in my area of north Spain (Galicia) and sacks were part of their everyday repertoire.  But now I´m the only hand-weaver in the region now – and I´m  not even Spanish in origin – but from Norfolk (UK)! 

natural lemon verbena tisane 

natural lemon verbena tisane

In the past all the linen was home-grown and spindle-spun – just imagine the hours of work involved in that!  Now, to make the sacks as authentic as possible I source a special rustic linen which is un-treated with bleaching or dyeing chemicals – it still smells of plant in fact and has bits of woody  flax stem embedded in it.   I´m lucky to have this yarn as I don´t think it´s made any more – I bought up old stock.

The traditional, full-sized stripey sacks were used for anything and everything – from transporting rye and sweet chestnuts – my area is full of ancient groves of sweet chestnuts.   Once  you´ve finished the lemon verbena herb you can use the sacks for lots of other uses – we have one in our bathroom for our toothbrushes and toothpaste instead of a yucky toothpaste glass!) but they are equally good for clothes pegs, herbs and spices, nicknacks, letters …   

Herb sacks are ideal environmentally-friendly gifts for Hispanophiles and textile-lovers everywhere

101 uses around the home

Each sack is differently coloured with natural dyes, many of which I grow in my garden or are from local plants which are super-abundant and which  I can collect sustainably – such as dock leaf root, onion and walnut, gorse, I also use logwood with copper for rich deep blacks, indigo for blues. 


Note (June 2010)  –  All herb sacks featured here are SOLD but more will be available by summer 2010 – in colourways shown below and in 2 sizes – small (as shown here) and large (approx. 65cm x 42 cm)

Traditional linen farm sacks made by AC Estudio Textil in north Spain are faithful re-interpretations of the hand-woven rustic linen farm sacks used by Galician farmers in the Ribeira Sacra region.  The sacks are now only made at the studio, in different sizes.

Herb Sack Information:

  • Size: 18 x 22cm (approx.)
  • 75% linen, 25% wool with natural dyes
  • Tisane – Add 1.5 tsp of herb to 1 cup of boiling water for a relaxing cup of herbal tisane
  • Every sack is different – with different colourways and traditional stripe designs – because every one is individually hand-woven from Anna Champeney Estudio Textil´s ever-changing stock of natural dyes.
  • Machine washable on wool cycle 30ºC.  Gentle or no spin cycle.  Iron when lightly damp
  • Price: 25 pounds + 2.50 pounds p&p (for UK & rest of Europe) 
  • To buy contact:


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