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Diseño atractivo. Attractive design.


June 2016
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Textilesnaturales` pupils show their work – Naomi from London

Work by Naomi, pupil at Textilesnaturales. This shawl has been handwoven by Naomi, who was also at Textilesnaturales (Anna Champeney Estudio Textil) in August 2014, doing a Spanish felpa weaving course. The design is American, and according to Naomi was originally created by Bonnie Innouye.

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For women

“Empleamos técnicas artesanales para crear piezas únicas e irrepetibles” – Anna Champeney – “We make work by hand to create textiles that are truly unique “

NATURAL DYED SILK “ANEMONE” SCARVES 3 handwoven scarves with natural dyes, inspired by Atlantic marine life.

Availability: Anemone 1 – available Anemone 2 – sold Anemone 3 – sold Materials: 50% seda silk / 50% lana wool Notes: Each piece has been individually hand-woven and dyed using natural dyes extracted at AC Estudio Textil. Diseño: Anna Champeney Estudio Textil Precio: 145€


3 very special pieces inspired by the stunning colours of the Atlantic cuckoo fish. Between 20 and over 30 different natural colours have been combined to reflect the different areas of the fish. See more photos and how these pieces were made.

Pez Cuckoo con muestrario / Cuckoo fish with sampler

Availability: Cuckoo 1 – sold Cuckoo 2 – available Cuckoo 3 – available Materials: 50% seda 50% wool (lana de oveja) Notes Each piece is different, but all are hand-made and hand-dyed at the textile studio Design: Anna Champeney Estudio Textil Precio: Cuckoo 1 & 3 – 145€ Cuckoo 2 – 135€


Disponibilidad: available Materiales: 50% seda 50% wool (lana de oveja) Apuntes: A multi-section weave requiring the weaver to constantly change colour combinations with skill during the weaving process to produce a particularly pleasing effect / Diseño: Anna Champeney Estudio Textil Precio: 145€

MINSTREL A pleated effect with just a hint of glitter, the result of introducing a fine transparent nylon thread into the weave. An unusual experimental piece designed, hand-dyed and hand-woven at Anna Champeney Estudio Textil.

Availability: available sold Materials: Alpaca, angora, wool, nylon. Natural dyes: Cochinilla from Lanzarote, indigo, logwood y copper Design: Anna Champeney Estudio Textil Note: We advise you to avoid wearing jewellery which may snag the fine threads on this piece Precio: 125€


Availability: available Ref. Waffle weave scarf in alpaca, angora and wool Price: 56€




Anna Champeney Estudio Textil and Lluis Grau baskets – where to see and buy hand-woven textiles and baskets summer summer 2011

Here´s a list of exhibitions, open workshops and markets where you can find authentic Spanish fibre crafts made by local textile and basket making artesans, Anna Champeney and Lluis Grau, who open their summer craft shop to the public in the Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, north Spain, this August. Their work this summer includes delicate one-off hand-woven linen scarves, hand-dyed wool in skeins for knitting and weaving, unusual regional baskets, and craft kits…..

sin disciplina art exhibition at Castro Caldelas CastleSIN DISCIPLINA, group art exhibition Castro Caldelas Castle, Ribeira Sacra (Ourense, Galicia) 23 July – 31 August 2011 See and buy the latest hand-woven felpa wall-pieces / cushions (Galician loop pile fabric) by Galician-based textile designer and weaver Anna Champeney´s in this exhibition of 15 local people working in a range of different media which includes lyrical sculpture, photography, installation art and Galician poetry by Mercedes Madroño. The exhibition is held on the first floor of the castle and in the clock tower.

WOVEN GALICIAN FELPA TEXTILES, selling exhibition of unique woven textile wall-pieces by Anna Champeney Casa Grande de Cristosende, A Teixeira, Galicia, north Spain. 1 August – 15 September 2011. Experimental felpa wall hangings by Anna Champeney in the setting of the manor house hotel of Cristosende in Galicia (Spain). The aim of the works on display is to imbue the ancient traditional textile technique of Galician felpa weaving with new life, combining traditional and contemporary styles with a sensitive use of colour, enhanced by the use of natural dyes, extracted by hand.

linen scarves

new collapse weave scarves in linen by Anna Champeney

AUGUST 2011 – SALE OF WOVEN TEXTILES AND BASKETS DIRECT FROM THE CRAFT WORKSHOPS IN CRISTOSENDE August is the time of year when Anna Champeney Estudio Textil opens to the public, so make the most of the chance to visit – without needing to make an appointment! See and buy the beautiful and exclusive linen scarves and a new range of gorgeous natural-dyed woolen yarns, ideal for autumn craft projects. If you are interested in learning to weave or make baskets this is also the ideal opportunity to meet the makers and talk about the autumn programme of courses, look at the range of Louet table looms and other weaving equipment for sale. Spanish basketmaker Lluis (Grau) is also on hand, and is available to talk about his own northern Spanish basketry work ,his forthcoming book on split wood basketry and autumn courses.

Please note our August 2011 opening hours – 2 – 31 August 2011 Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 1.30pm / 5.30 – 8pm (closed Mondays and 19 August)

The rest of the year we open by appointment only (T.669 600 620)


Galician rag rug (traditional, maker unknown)

Finally we have finalised our autumn course programme. Our group courses are given in Spanish but English language support can be given. We can also organise made-to-measure courses for your English-speaking group by arrangement, in English. One-to-one tuition in weaving, natural dyeing (including orchil dyeing) and basketmaking with Anna and Lluis are also popular options, but bear in mind that both makers are almost fully committed for the rest of 2011 so think about spring dates in 2012! Have a look at the blog section on cottage holidays to see more information about Casa dos Artesans holiday cottage accommodation available for course pupils.

The range of courses on offer this autumn include an introduction to the art of natural dyeing, a 5-day intensive linen weaving course on 4 & 8 shaft Louet table looms (suitable for beginners upwards), the fun art of recycled weaving (the art of turning your old clothes into fun new fabrics on the loom!), alpaca and wool scarf weaving for winter (beginners and intermediate level options) and a theory course for beginner weavers who want to know how to plan a new weaving project. The following basket courses will also be taught: mushroom picking basket, spinners´ basket, rectangular basketry, lidded basketry.