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February 2018
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¿Quieres realizar un curso con nosotros en agosto o septiembre?

?Quieres apuntarte para un curso con nosotros en agosto o septiembre?

018 being swished roundSeguramente podemos organizar algo, reuniendo un mínimo de sólo 3 personas, aunque en este momento (2/6) estamos pendientes de confirmar algún compromiso para estos meses, y por eso no tenemos cursos programados en la tienda online.

Así que, si te apetece pasar una estancia textil intensivo con nosotros en Galicia , envíanos un mail, o llámanos por teléfono con tus ideas y preferencias.

?Quieres realizar tu primer curso en telar de bajo lizo, o quieres inspirarte con algo nuevo (ligamentos, técnicas, hilos, tejido gallego, doble tejido, experimentar con colores) no esperes a contarnos tus ideas. O consultar con Anna para que te de algunas ideas o sugerencias para ti.

Para ver los trabajos profesionales de la profe de nuestros cursos, Anna Champeney, click aqui.


Foto:  Anna con una de las mantas de la nueva serie “Soft Urban” de 100% merino.  Estrenados en Londrés en Enero 2017.






Anna Champeney in Getxo 25 – 27 November 2016

00You´ll have the chance to purchase one-of-a-kind handwovenAnna Champeney luxury merino cushions as well as our autumn scarf collections at Getxo Craft Fair in Biscay, in the Basque Country this November / Desvelamos la nueva colección de mantas lujosas y cojines de 100% merino de Anna Champeney en la feria de Getxo, donde también puedes comprar o encargar nuestros foulards de series limitadas.  

You can also visit the Anna Champeney stand to find out about Textilesnaturales´ loom weaving courses or ask us about any of our looms or weaving accessories.  If you want to buy something specific contact us beforehand and save on postage – we can bring it to the fair for you!  / También puedes visitarnos para informarte sobre los cursos y enseñanza uno-a-uno que ofrecemos en diseño y tejido en telar, y preguntarnos sobre los telares y accesorios que tenemos en nuestra tienda online en textilesnaturales.  


Bolsas y stands de la feria de Getxo



Mentoring Partners

1000 pix Mel weaving 1000 pixThis blog is a simple tribute to my long-standing mentor and very good friend, Melanie Tomlinson.  Melanie is a well-known British designer and maker who specialises in illustration and metal.  I first got to know her in Birmingham, UK, when working as Exhibitions Organiser for Craftspace, over 15 years ago.  She´s a true professional in every sense and is very deserving of her success;  she was recently invited to exhibit in an international jewellery fair in New York, is regularly awarded artist residencies both in the UK and internationally, and designs special ranges for prestigious clients such as the Tate Modern in London.    Melanie lives and works in Birmingham,  Britain´s second largest city, but it is her passion for nature and love for all living creatures and her connection with Romania via her husband Bogdan that are her main sources of inspiration.


Mel in workshop 1000 pixAs a maker it´s so important to have a mentor or adviser and Melanie and I have been co-mentoring each other for over 10 years now.   Although we work in very different media and situations we both face many of the same challenges.  So we are in regular contact via Skype, email and by phone and offer help and advice on numerous issues from marketing to stress management to design issues and focussing.  We help each other go to beyond our comfort zone and dare to cover new ground and when we (as all makers do from time to time) suffer disappointments we help each other to get back up again and move forward.


1000 pix MelMelanie is currently here at the textile studio on a creative retreat.  But we found some time for her to try weaving on a loom for the first time.  We were both really glad that she was able to cross over to my world of looms and weaving.  Because working with metal and illustration is so different to weaving fabrics.  She wove a fabulously coloured and patterned sample – as you would expect.  And now she has a much better idea of what I´m talking about when we we talk about weave.  Next time I´m in Birmingham, where Melanie lives and works, I´m going to try my hand at printing on aluminium under her expert tuition.

I can´t wait!


Golden Beetles framed artwork by Melanie Tomlinson (Melanie works to commission)

Thank you Mel for all your friendship and support over the years.