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About Textiles Naturales

Inspiración para el diseño textil, el tejido y la cestería

About us

Who are we

At Textilesnaturales we´re passionate about weaving, textiles and basketry and we want to inspire and help you enjoy these crafts as much as we do.

Whether you are a designer or professional maker, a textile craft lover … or simply want to to weave beautiful craft for the home, family and friends we hope you can enjoy our services and products.

A different kind of online shop. We have over 30 years as active, professional and specialist craft makers in Spain, known for the originality and sophistication of our handwoven textile design and heritage baskets.  We also enjoy a national and international reputation for the quality of our teaching, from beginner up to university level.




Experience counts! We have over 12 years experience of using Louet products on a regular basis for our own production work and for courses and dye our beautiful natural yarns in-house.  So we have excellent product knowledge!

A commitment to quality and the natural environment

environ friendlyPlanet-friendly quality – We select and create quality products, and have a preference for products which respect the environment.

  • Louet looms – We represent Louet looms for their superb design, because they use clean energy, sustainable timber and protective finishes made from a special water-based lacquer with superior environmental qualities.
  • gorse 450Natural fibres and dyes. We specialize in natural wool and linen fibres and stock a wide range of undyed linens.  Linen relies far less on pesticides than cotton; wool is biodegradable and a planet-friendly renewable resource.  Our natural dyes are locally sourced where possible and include sustainable and ecologically-cultivated plants.

Responsive to your needs


We genuinely want you to enjoy our products and courses and aim to be open to your comments and opinions.

  • We review all our courses annually through the analysis of our pupil questionnaires and try to consider all new ideas suggested by you.
  • We make Louet and Ashford loom assembly easier for you by translating the English instructions into Spanish.
  • Our blog and facebook sites are where we pass on tips, tell you about products and services, discuss common problems and share news and views and our pupils´ experiences.

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