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Warm Winter Scarf Project Part I: Natural Dyeing


My students & I during the course

My students & I during the course

I´ve been doing quite a bit of dyeing this week for a special scarf project.  Here´s how it started… 

September 2009 -I give a natural dyeing course to a group of very enthusiastic students in AC Textile Studio and I end up with small quantities of some of the woollen yarn samples.  They´re a nice reminder of the fun we had during the course … but such small quantities of yarns – (about 20 – 25g of each colour) are no use for a weave project – I´ll have to dye  more yarn in co-ordinating colours. 


lana teñida con tintes naturales en el curso

September dye course results



December 2009 – I dye about 1k (over 2lbs) of yarn with onion skins and brazilwood dye, darkening the onion colour with iron where necessary in order to get a range of colours which can work well together in a design – which can also use up the small quantities of yarns from the course.  





 Here are some photos of the processes involved in dyeing the yarn:

wound skeins

undyed yarn

Wind the yarn into skeins – then Dyeing…
mordanting (fixing) the wool

mordanting (fixing) the wool

inspecting dyed yarns

inspecting dyed yarns

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