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Textilesnaturales` pupils show their work – Naomi from London

foulard en seda y bamboo by Naomi (pupil of Textilesnaturales & Anna Champeney Estudio Textil) Naomi has just been with us here in north Spain for one-to-one tuition in Galician felpa.

She hopes to apply the technique to wallpieces and is attracted to it for the freedom to design and the textural effect of the loops.

Naomi is based in London and has been weaving for 4 years.  She has learned from a number of different British and international  tutors on the 2 year diploma from Handweavers´ Studio.

This American-designed scarf, in bamboo and silk, was made to a design found online at Weaving Today by Naomi.  She adapted the design, substituting the materials and colours in the original design.  The textile has a lovely weight and drape to it.  You can find the full design on the Weaving Today website.

Scarf Design:  Bonnie Innouye

  • Warp colour order:  gold + colour + gold colour (except in areas where the colour changes)
  • Loom requirements:  8 shafts and 10 pedals
  • Design information:  The sett of this scarf is very close, with the number of ends per cm equal to the number of yarn wraps in a cm.  The weft is considerably finer than the warp which helps to make the scarf have a wonderful drape despite the close warp sett.  Bamboo and silk are the yarns used which again result in a luxurious texture, drape and surface.
  • Woven by:  Naomi is London-based and has woven for 4 00years.  She completed the 2-year diploma course offered by Handweavers´ Studio in London.

Next weave course at Anna Champeney Estudio Textil: November and December 2014 scarf weaving for beginners upwards.

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