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It´s only been a few hours since a programme called Babel went out on Spanish TV, in which the presenter Dolors Elias interviewed me in my rural weaving studio in north Spain.  Being as scatterbrained as I am (sometimes) I had thought the programme went out at 9.30 in the evening on Spanish TV instead of the morning, but no, it went out in the morning so I missed it.   Never mind!  I don´t even watch television  normally and I´m sure that watching myself on it would make me cringe anyway.   The results of the programme are amazing though – I´ve already enjoyed a phone call from Tomas, a professional weaver in the Canary Islands, who called me spontaneously after seeing the programme.




Danish Tapestry exhibition catalogue

Danish Tapestry exhibition catalogue

I also received an email from Alvaro Perez in Valencia, who wanted information about tapestry weaving for his wife.  I´m not a tapestry weaver, nor do I know much about it – as I weave with floor looms or table looms with 4 – 8 shafts, not tapestry looms.  But for Alvaro and his wife, and anyone else interested in tapestry weaving,  here is a little information on a tremendous exhibition which was held in Denmark this year and which features large-scale work by some of the best tapestry weavers in the country.  I only saw the exhibition via the exhibition catalogue but I thought the work was breathtaking.  Lluis, my basketmaking partner, who DID get to see the exhibition (he was teaching a Catalan basketry course in Denmark at the time, at the workshop of Jette Melgren), said that the work was ten times better than the catalogue.  For anyone who is interested, here is the email address to write to in order to ask about acquiring a copy.  I don´t think it was very expensive but it has an excellent English translation and pretty good photos of a piece of work by each of the 25 textile artists reprsented.  Email for contacting the exhibition organisers:  The catalogue title is  – Dansk Gobelinkunst 2009, published by the Johannes Larsen Museet.




Well, bye for now,

P.S.  Is anyone actually reading this blog?  I know it´s early days and I´m a novice blogger but I haven´t seen any comments yet and I´d love to know if anyone has found it yet so please do say hello…





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  • alvaro

    thanks Anna, very much. Your work is exelent, and your person. I want some day, to see your work so exelente and well.