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Warm Winter Scarf Project Part II: Loom Preparation & Weaving

Casa Rústica "Casa dos Artesans" con nieve en Diciembre16 December 2009.  It´s snowing!  Yes, as you can see from the photo I´ve just taken of the view from my textile studio, the Ribeira Sacra looks stunning.  It´s pretty cold though so it´s very appropriate I´m weaving warm wool scarves!  I´m continuing the project I wrote about in earlier – see www.textilesnaturales.com/archives/1092 for the natural dyeing part.  Now I´m onto weaving the woollen scarves.  Below I´ve uploaded some photos so you can see the different stages of loom preparation.  I´m using a Louet table loom for this project.


1.  The yarns to be positioned on the loom are measured and wound on a warping mill

Winding the warp (yarn which goes on the loom)

Winding the warp (yarn which goes on the loom)






 2.  Setting the loom up with the warp wound onto a beam at the back.  Louet table looms have raddles built-in to the design which help you to space out the warp properly – and avoid problems later on.
WindingWinding the warp onto the Louet loom using the raddle the warp onto the Louet loom using the raddle

3.  Weaving a small sample piece.  I always do this when using new yarns or trying out a new design.  Sampling is fun and enables me to try out different colour combinations and yarns.

weaving the sample piece

weaving the sample piece





4.  Weaving – The design requires using two colours so you can see I´m using two shuttles, changing from one to another at regular intervals throughout the design.  This makes weaving slower but the design is far nicer as I can use more colours.

how to weave with 2 shuttles

how to weave with 2 shuttles

5.  The finished scarf. 

woollen winter scarf

woollen winter scarf

6.  … and finally the scarf being worn by its new owner.  This is Galician blogger, Martin Goetz, at the German-style Christmas Fair organised by him and his wife Barbara in Mer (Sober), Galicia.  If you didn´t know about Martin´s blog or the christmas fair visit …. www.lifeingalicia.com

martin wearing the scarf

martin wearing the scarf




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4 comments to Warm Winter Scarf Project Part II: Loom Preparation & Weaving

  • Hi Anna, just paying my first visit to your new blog. I love all your sumptuous yarn photos and the natural colours. Martin is very lucky in his new scarf.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy Hogmanay!


  • Debs

    Just found your blog! It looks great Anna, well done, we found it via Martin and Barbara’s German Fair blog – What a stunning picture of Cristosende in the snow…. I can feel the need for another scarf coming on…
    Feliz Navidad, Debs & Mervyn

  • Hi Anna,
    Found your blog address in your last posting at OLG. Lovely that you started a blog about your life out there. I’ll keep visiting 🙂
    Have a nice Christmas; over here in Holland it is like a fairytale with 20cm snow, as long as you do not need to go anywhere……
    greetings Margreet

  • […] Also this week I became a model for Anna Champeney and one of her gorgeous natural scarfs – being featured on her blog – Textiles Naturales in the Ribeira Sacra – in Spanish – Proyecto de Tintes Naturales or in English – Autumn Scarf Natural Dyeing Project […]