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Textiles naturales > Blog > Uncategorized > 5 days of double…

5 days of double weave with Anna Champeney in Galicia, north Spain

5 wonderfully intensive and stimulating days at Anna´s weave studio in the beautiful moutain setting of the Ribeira Sacra, some 2 hours from Santiago de Compostela with two fairly experienced weavers as students.  A busy time, working hard, setting up looms, getting to grips with double weave, enjoying the local wine.


A real sense of wonder, accompanying the students and encouraging them to discover the real wonder of being able to design double weave fabrics on one´s own – instead of copying instructions from a book or a set of course notes.

“I felt inspired coming to this course – but I´m going back home even more inspired”

“I can´t wait to get home to do more sampling”

A great course experience, so thank you Mercedes and Estela and see you here again for some natural dyeing or Weavepoint tuition!  Anna.


Anna´s special approach to teaching is to encourage students to learn for themselves – and really  get to grips with what the threads and loom shafts are actually doing when a double weave fabric is made.


Sample woven by Estela with areas of 2-block double weave and plainweave with colour-and-weave effects.


Both pupils are fairly experienced weavers – Mercedes Blanco, (Artesanía Mercedes Blanco) y Estela Sánchez.


Does it seem difficult to weave 4 layers of fabric, one underneath another, on an 8-shaft loom?  In the course you have the chance to weave a sample and discover yourself how it´s constructed and woven.


Double weave seen from the inside – one layer black, the other white


Anna shows students how to use the double weave design sheets that encourage real understanding of how double weave fabrics are made on 8 shaft looms0i

El ambiente en Anna Champeney Estudio Textil ha sido relajado y estimulante. En los bajos de la casa típìca de piedra donde se imparte el curso se protege del fuerte calor de agosto.


There are so many possible samples to weave – Anna guides students through different variations but students are able to follow their own inclinations and try out variations that occur to them.


Mercedes´ elegant black and white sample with colour and weave effects


Intense concentration, yes.  But also humour, wine tasting and lots of weavery conversations

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