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Loom weaving course in Spain with British textile weaver and designer Anna Champeney

Cottage holidays at Casa dos Artesans

Cottage holidays at Casa dos Artesans

It´s been an intensely hot week here in Galicia north Spain.  The blue skies, the intense green of the terraced vineyards and the flowering sweet chestnut trees all mean that it´s the height of summer here.

But was it just the outside temperature or the heat generated by all the hard work and energy of the 5 students on our summer weaving course?

0 800 Andrea weaving 0 800 La urdimbre de Andrea 0 800 pix algunos proyectos antes de lavar 0 800 pix Ana concentrandose mientras enhebra los lizos de su telar 0 800 pix Analisis final del curso 0 800 pix colour changes on loom 0 800 pix muestrario muy variado por Mercedes 0 800 pix pata de gallo by Dolores 0 800 pix proyecto macos 0 800 pix raya en naranja por Andrea 0 800 pix the one & only Macus from Chicago 0 800 pix white linen by AnaAndrea, Macos, Ana, Dolores and Mercedes were a fantastic group and as you can see they all produced wonderful results.

The woven textiles don´t look like the work of beginners do they?  But 3 of the 5 projects were woven by pupils with no previous experience at all, one by a student who had previously done a 12 hour one-to-one weave course with Anna, and one pupil who has studied weaving on a weekly basis at the Chicago Weaving School and, again, is a beginner-intermediate level weaver.

As always the group dynamics can make or break a course and that´s something that´s hard for a teacher to control.  This group has been wonderful, helping each other out and taking a real interest in everyone else´s projects.

We´ve had fun outside work hours as well and enjoyed a great meal out in the Casa Grande de Cristosende, the local country hotel in the same hamlet as the studio.  Salt cod, home-cooked pork stew, the local Padron peppers (a particular favourite of mine) and home-made croquettes …..  mmm.

Well done everybody and we look forward to seeing you next summer!


If your group would like to book an intensive weave class at Anna Champeney´s studio in the mountains of north Spain, please contact us (well in advance please) by email.  We offer tuition in a variety of subjects at different levels from beginner to advanced levels including textile design for weavers and double weave fabrics.

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