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Waabi sabi scissors – last 3 pairs left!

Waabi sabi scissors handforged in North Spain on sale at

Waabi sabi scissors handforged in North Spain

We´ve always used these hand-forged scissors in Textilesnaturales but are now down to the last 3 pairs in the shop. As the blacksmith himself is elderly and not very well we´re not sure when we´ll be getting any more in so we thought we´d write a post as a kind of homage to what we think are the most beautiful and authentic scissors we´ve ever seen.

I bought my first pair way back in 1995 and they´re still going strong and have aged beautifully.  The maker´s mark confirms its origins.

The “A” surrounded by a spotted ring, reminds me of the EU symbol.  Yes, we have some great craft traditions in Europe so let´s shout about them!


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