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Hand-woven linen scarf with natural dyes (one-off textile) from Anna Champeney Textile Studio

ecological linen scarf hand-woven in Galicia with natural dyes

linen scarf with shimmering natural dyes


 Hand-woven linen scarf with natural-dyed linens and hand-twisted fringes.  Non-repeatable.

Measurements: 37cm x 170cm (excl. fringes)

Designer: Anna Champeney Estudio Textil (Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain)

Description: This generously-sized natural linen scarf is hand-woven using the complex technique of double-weave.  The scarf is cleverly woven in two layers, a process requiring painstaking attention from the weaver, and more than double the time normally required to weave a piece this size.  The double-weave construction creates a substantial scarf which wrinkles less than conventional, single-woven linen cloth.  This scarf is a piece of authentic Galician Spanish design-craft and is authorised to bear the official description “Artesanía de Galicia” (Ministerio de Industria e Comercio, Galicia). 

Colours: The  shimmering colour scheme is the result of more than 12 natural dyed linens and the result of a careful design process. 

Washing and Care Instructions:  As with other delicates, hand-wash gently with neutral soap  then leave to dry flat out of direct sunlight.  Iron when slightly damp.   This scarf, being made with natural linen, will become softer and more lustrous with use. 

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1 comment to Hand-woven linen scarf with natural dyes (one-off textile) from Anna Champeney Textile Studio

  • admin

    Hello John, I think you may be looking for a merchandising firm which produce industrial scarves rather than a maker of hand-woven textiles. I can make short series of work to commission and would be able to make you work inspired by football but the colours I use are all hand-extracted from natural dyes and I doubt whether they would be the exact England colours. My scarves are priced between 59 and 120 euros. All the best Anna.