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Astoundingly beautiful – Jennifer Robertson´s double and triple cloths

scarf in gallery 900 pixIt´s not often that we profile other weavers in our blog.  But I just had to share the incredible work of Jennifer Robertson with you.  She´s a British-trained weaver but (sadly for us in Europe!!!!) emigrated to Australia in the 1986s.  She studied textiles at West Surrey College of Art and Design and then went on to the Royal College of Art in London.

I find her work is incredibly beautiful, her use of colour masterly, and there is a sheer intelligence and enjoyment of weave in her work which really resonates with me.

Enjoy the pictures – and if you possibly can – invest in a piece of her hand-woven work from her online shop.  The scarves are good value for money for what they are and  believe me, they are masterworks.  If you aspire to create beautiful and accomplished woven textiles of your own – then a textile of hers should inspire, amaze and inform you for years to come!

450 pix 500 pix 500 pix interiors

If you feel inspired by her work and have a 4 or 8 shaft loom you can weave double or triple layer fabrics.  Check out our courses or book some one-to-one tuition with us and start weaving double-weave fabrics of your own.



The value of hand-woven textiles – Swans Island Blankets hand-woven in Maine

Swans Island Blankets

Manta de 100% lana orgánica de Swans Island Blankets en Maine. Precio:  (versión grande en azul indigo) 1059€ (2013)

¿Who´d not love a blanket like this one?  

It´s hand-woven, made from organic merino wool, and is dyed with natural dyes.

No, it´s not a blanket from Anna Champeney Estudio Textil in Spain, although you might think so.  It has, in fact, been woven thousands of miles away by Swans Islands Blankets, en Maine, USA.

baby blankets

Baby blankets by Swans Island Blankets

The company makes these blankets just once a year, and includes one-off as well as limited edition pieces.  And if you´re looking for their largest size, measuring 275 x 225cm, dyed with indigo, you´re looking at price tag of around 900 pounds.  Expensive, maybe, but definitely worth it for those who have that kind of disposable income.

Maybe it´s not something most of us can think about but a heirloom baby blanket costing 147€ is really quite reasonable for a high quality product.  And with a Swans Island blanket and you always have the opportunity to add personalised monograms available as an extra.

In Galicia, Spain, where Anna Champeney has her textile studio, she is always suprised to hear so many people lamenting about the fact that “people don´t appreciate the real value of craft”.

p_elle-decorBecause if you look around there are actually quite a lot of examples of high-class craft businesses … who stay in business.  So obviously they are doing something right and there ARE people who value craft.

….  Anna believes the main problem occurs when either the product itself isn´t of sufficiently high quality or else the promotion and marketing is not right, “I and many other makers have a lot to learn when it comes to marketing.  It´s hard job to achieve the level of promotion that other, bigger craft businesses achieve when you work alone because you are responsible from everything – from the design and actual making to writing blog posts and even cleaning of the workshop”.

Swans Island Blankets has a team of at least 6 weavers and have 4 AVL looms, together with a person  responsible for the dyes … and others who look after the online shop, fairs, etc..

What is the moral of the tale?  


Hand-woven one-off scarves in silk and wool with natural dyes. Available direct from Anna Champeney Estudio Textil in the textilesnaturales shop.

For craftspeople like Anna, it´s necessary to try and forge a way ahead to match the quality of the product with the quality of the presentation.

For clients and potential clients of craft weavers like Anna it´s important to try and judge the actual quality of the design and workmanship rather than rely on a slick marketing or a sophisticated online shop.




Creative repp weave wall-hangings: “Homage To Ikat” (textile art from Spain)

homenaje a ikatThe initial inspiration for this hand-woven linen wallpiece was the technique of Ikat dyeing and weaving.   Woodgrain and knots in cut wood, tally marks and scrolls together with newsprint and other communication systems and watermarks have all fed in to the creative process of creating an ongoing series of pieces.

Weavers like Anna Champeney (Spain) relish the challenge of going beyond the limitations of the perpendicular warp and weft to create a freer language of textile mark-making.

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