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Lanzadera doble

Waffle weave scarf design in silk and wool with natural dyes by Anna Champeney Estudio Textil (Spain)

designing scarf colours

Inspiring colours from the pictures of a Welsh Dahlia anemone produce a striking design


Waffle weave scarves on just 4 shafts give you a wonderful opportunity to explore colour and structure on the loom.  Anna Champeney Textile Studio in Spain produces limited editions of natural dyed waffle scarves in silk and wool which are available directly from the studio and the Charo Rey store (by St Martin Pinario) in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

waffle weave anemone scarf

Luminescent colours on this waffle weave scarf dyed with natural dyes (Design and weave by Anna Champeney Estudio Textil)

waffle weave glow

Colour graduations on waffle weave produce a glow on the final piece

waffle weave silk scarf

Complex colour interactions result in an overall design which appears very different to the original warp colours

choosing colours

Dyeing one´s own colour palette gives you an unparallelled control and choice of colour and tone

two-sided waffle weave

1 warp 3 versions

rosaliás scarf

Gradual colour changes in warp and weft produce designs of subtlety and simple beauty

weaving with 2 shuttles enables the weaver to explore more complex interactions between colour and structure

weaving with 2 shuttles, each with a different colour, enables the weaver to explore more complex interactions between colour and structure


blue and green waffle weave

Indigo, copper, locally-grown dyers´ chamomile and weld produce a gently harmonious colour palette on this waffle weave scarf


Limited edition scarves are woven in series of just 3 pieces. Here you see the combination of colours used for a warp but a single scarf may have as many as 20 different hues and tones

All pieces shown here are already sold or reserved.  Only 6 – 8 more one-off pieces will be made using this silk-wool blend.  To inquire further or reserve one of these pieces please contact Anna Champeney Estudio Textil direct.