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Basketry Manual – Split wood Basketry from Los Ancares (Spain) by Lluis Grau and Anna Champeney

New basketmaking manual – How to make the split wood Basketry from Los Ancares (north Spain)

The beautiful split wood baskets of Los Ancares are to north Spain what the swill baskets are to Cumbria in Britain.  This book is the first, and only one of its kind, to explain how they are made.

“Here are detailed instructions, clear photography and diagrams of the slit wood baskets of Ancares” – Mary Butcher, UK

“…Looks great – nice design, clear & abundant photographs and reads well” – Tim Johnson, UK.

After about 4 years research and preparation the long awaited publication supported and published by the Basketmakers´ Association with the support of the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers is now available.

This is the only book on the subject of the beautiful but little known Spanish split wood basketry of north Spain.  The ring-bound publication with colour photographs of the baskets and the region itself contains step-by-step instructions on how to make two of the traditional forms as well as information about the area and the significance and ethnographic and aesthetic value of the basketry.

No doubt that basketmakers worldwide will welcome this new publication – on a subject which has very little written about it.  Its bilingual format – in both English and Spanish – should also bring it to a wider audience.

Lluis Grau is an experienced basketmaker and basketry tutor and offers tuition and group courses both in his native Spain and internationally.  Anna Champeney, his partner, has a background in exhibition curation and craft research and writing.  She is also a professional weaver and designer of loom-made textiles.

The book has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Albino Rodriguez of Piornedo and villagers of Burbia in León.

Price of book:  

  • UK – Copies available directly from the UK Basketmakers´ Association.  
  • Europe / outside Europe –  Buy book from Lluis Grau.