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Lanzadera doble

Natural dyeing and basketry courses in December 2012 in Galicia, Spain, with Anna Champeney and Lluis Grau

We don´t think you´ll find such a gorgeous and varied set of coloured yarns for textile craft and smallscale production as that produced in this, the latest natural dyeing course at Anna Champeney Estudio Textil in Galicia, north Spain….

Left:  Bea, student.  Right:  Colour samples produced during the course by participants.

Yellows and greens – Anthemis tinctoria (cultivated at the studio)

Pinks and lilacs – Cochinilla from Lanzarote

Purples and blues – logwood

Orangey reds and burgundy – Rubia tinctoria

Quick instructions for how to dye with Dyer´s  chamomile (Anthemis tinctoria)

¿Were you one of those who wished to come on the course but couldn´t make it ….  Well, if you can´t wait for the next course in 2013 here are some quick instructions for how to dye with Dyer´s  chamomile at home.  For more comprehensive information and tips on how to dye with this, and other natural dyes, we suggest you come and try one of our 2013 courses or get hold of a copy of Jenny Dean´s excellent book, Wild Colour, which in our view, is one of the best on the subject.

Anthemis tinctoria: Easily cultivated from seed.

Part used for dyeing: Flowers

Extraction: Simmer gently for around 60 minutes

Resulta: On 100% wool with alum you can obtain a beautiful clear yellow.  Our experience shows us that colours on silk are less vibrant.  But other mordants and post-dyeing modifiers (both knowledge areas are covered in our courses) widen the range of colours obtained.

Quantities used: 1:1 for strong colours.

Can´t wait for next year´s courses?  Why not try our Natural Dyeing kits with Dyers´ Chamomile, Cochineal from Lanzarote or logwood. Each kit costs 27,50€ + p&p and includes instructions (in Spanish), 2 large skeins of 100% pure lambswool, 1 natural dye and fixer. Buy kit.

Pelapatas course with Lluis Grau. This intermediate-avanced level weekend course, which finished today, is the last basketry course of 2012 with Lluis Grau.  Congratulations to both Isabel and Maria whose finished baskets were beautiful.  Next year Lluis will be offering a full range of courses from beginner up to intermediate plus level, plus the option of one-to-one tuition. Contact Lluis for more information.

Felicidades a Maria y Isabel por trabajo bien hecho en el curso.   Este doble cesto de mimbre, de origen catalana  no es nada facil, y requiere experiencia previa.

Tenemos varias pelaptatas en el taller a la venta. Contacta con nosotros para más información y precios

Pelaptatas by Lluis Grau. We have a range of these extraordinary baskets for sale and they make great and unusual christmas presents.  We can post baskets! Contact Lluis for more information about availability and prices with postage.