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Lanzadera doble

River Mao Boardwalk

This route has fabulous views over the River Mao to the River Sil Canyon, can be reached on foot from Cristosende, and offers possibilities of river bathing.

ruta en pasarela

Ruta de la Fábrica de Luz de Barxacova en el Cañón del Mao – en pasarela de madera – La ruta es muy atractiva y está a sólo 5 minutos en coche de la pequeña tienda-taller de dos de los pocos artesanos de la zona – Anna Champeney Estudio Textil (tejidos artesanales de lino de diseño propio) y Lluis Grau, cestero local.  Ver horarios al público antes de visitar.

Other nearby attractions:

  • Mediaeval tombs of San Vitor
  • Castro Caldelas Castle (15 minutes by car)
Sta. Cristina monastery – (30 minutes by car, signposted from Parada de Sil)
How to get to the start of the route by car
Starting pointsEither the old “Fabrica de Luz”, Barxacova (Parada do Sil, Ourense). some 5 minutes by car from Cristosende, or by foot from Cristosende itself.
How to get there by carFrom Cristosende (A Teixeira) take the Parada de Sil road.  After crossing a bridge over the River Mao, at a distance of approx. 200mts, you will find a small parking space on the left of the road (enough for approx. 4 cars).  Park there, cross the road and follow a cement surface road to the recently restored historic Hydroelectric plant (Central de Luz), which now features a bar.  You will find the boadwalk easily behind the historic building.
Walking surfacePaths and tracks 
Time durationBoardwalk only:  Approx. 50 minutes.  Circular walk from Cristosende:  Approx. 1.5 hours.
How to get there by foot from CrisotosendeFollow the instructions in English available at Casa dos Artesans.
NotesOne of the most enchanting walks in the localityFabrica de luz: The old hydro-electric plant at Barxacova was one of the first in Galicia, and provided employment for a number of villagers in Cristosende who remember how the original turbines were brought down to the plant by a team of oxen along earth tracks.  The plant was closed and became a ruin until a few years ago when the Parada de Sil Council restored the building and it now features a bar and runs summer nature activities for children and other groups.

Baodwalk: The boadwalk runs between the hydroelectric plant to the village of Barxacova.  When the boadwalk comes to an end, simply continue straight, along a path which becomes progressively narrower, until it becomes the width of a footpath.  In approximately 40 minutes you arrive at the tiny hamlet of Barxacova, with its 100 year old orange trees, evidence of the micro-climate created by the River Sil Canyon, which can be viewed at the end of the village.

Vegetation: Native bay woodland with oaks and cultivated vineyards.

río mao

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