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Textiles naturales > How to drive from Santiago de Compostela to Cristosende via Ourense city

How to drive from Santiago de Compostela to Cristosende via Ourense city



Journey time: Between 135 and 170 minutes


A Santiago – Ourense via the AG-53 / A-52 (approx. 1 hr on motorway)

Follow blue motorway signs.  There is a toll between Santiago de Compostela and Lalín.


B Ourense (5-10 minutes)

With three motorway exits to Ourense it can be quite complicated to drive through Ourense so follow our suggestion to get through the city quickly and easily.  Ourense is the OU-536 signed to Pobra de Trives / Terras de Trives.


  1. Exit motorway at exit 233 signed Ourense norte
  2. This will take you across the river Miño and into industrial suburbs of Ourense
  3. Keep straight, ignoring first signs to Vigo on your left (N120)
  4. By the first blocks of flats turn left – following another sign to Vigo but also, importantly, “A-52 N200 Centro urban – Estación de autobuses”
  5. After going under a bridge the road becomes a slipway joining a more major road which takes you to a roundabout
  6. At roundabout take first exit signed Terras de Trives OU 536.  This is the road you need to take out of Ourense and which takes you most of the way to Cristosende.
  7. Keep straight, past various traffic lights, ignoring turns to right or left.  You will see the railway station (on left).  Here keep straight, keeping straight, avoiding a right turn by the railway station.
  8. Keep straight as the road slopes down, and after going under road bridge, keep in left lane, in order to go straight over a mini roundabout.  Then go straight over a second mini roundabout.
  9. This takes you over the River Miño again and to a big roundabout with pyramid-like fountains.
  10. Take 2nd exit off roundabout  OU 536 Pobra de Trives also Monforte)
  11. At next roundabout go straight over (second exit). You are now on the OU-536.



C.  Ourense – Cristosende (about 40 minutes)


  1. Continue on the OU536 for about 30 minutes. You will pass through a number of towns and villages, cross the Rodicio pass (Alto de Rodicio), and come to the village of Valilongo.
  2. At Valilongo village turn left – signed A Teixeira – Cristosende
  3. After about 5 minutes, at the hamlet of Pedra do Sol turn left.  You will drive through chestnut groves and, after a couple of steep bends with views over the River Sil canyon, arrive at Cristosende.
  4. Follow sign into Cristosende.



1.  Observe speed limits especially in the rural villages – the police sometimes organise crackdowns on offenders & you can be fined or have points on your licence.

2.  Flashing orange lights at traffic lights and zebra crossings mean “go if the coast is clear”.

3. Some special traffic lights automatically go red if you are going faster than the speed limit

4.  The Guardia Civil (Traffic Police) routinely organise spot checks and you can be stopped and and asked to show your driving licence, car documents and passport.  If you do not have these with you you can be fined.

5. Random breath-testing for alcohol is also more routine than in the UK.  You may be stopped and asked to do an on-the-spot test.


Information provided by Anna Champeney Estudio Textil / Casa dos Artesans in Cristosende

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