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Complete list of courses, talks and demonstrations offered

We offer you the option of doing a residential weaving course with us given in Spanish, with English language support, or booking one-to-one tuition with our expert tutors, Anna Champeney (loom weaving and fabric design) and Lluis Grau (Spanish basketry).    Courses take place in tutors´ studios and holiday cottage in Cristosende village, Ourense, north Spain.



Complete weave course for beginners / intermediate level:  Scarf weaving.  3/4 days.

Complete weave course for beginners / intermediate:  Linen weaving.  5 days.

Complete weave course for beginners / any level:  Weave Spanish loop-pile fabric (felpa).  5 days.

Complete weave course intermediate or above:  Double weave.  5 days.

Short Taster course:  Introduction to Weave for beginners.  1 day (on pre-prepared looms)

Short Taster course:  Introduction to Double Weave for intermediate level weavers.  1 day (on prep-prepared looms)

Short Taster course:  Introduction to Spanish loop-pile fabric (felpa).  1 day (on pre-prepared looms)

Fabric drafting and textile analisis for post-beginners.  2 days (theory with some loom practice work)

Loom preparation course.  How to warp back-to-front with a raddle.  2 days (excludes actual loom weaving)

Easy loom weaving on a rigid heddle loom.  1.5 – 2 days.  Suitable for children of 12 years upwards as well as adults.

Introduction to weave design.  Powerpoint presentation and fabric sample handling session to introduce students to the basic principles of woven textile design:  density, yarn, structure, colour, finishing, manual techniques. Up to 3 hours.

Short group course for up to 20 adults of children:  Simple weaving on Galician fringe looms (rigid heddle)


Introduction to natural dyes.  2 days.


Introduction to willow basketry (round or oval basket).  1 day.

Introduction to Galician Spanish split wood basketry for all levels including beginners.  1. 5 days.

Introduction to Galician Spanish willow baksetry for all levels including beginners:  The Muros basket.  1.5 days.

Numerous other courses which teach you specific Spanish willow or split wood basketry techniques and forms (please contact us for more information about experience levels and duration).

Double baskets (pelapatas basket)

Catalan mushroom basket

Catalan baskets with lids

Galician “paxe” basket

Galician chicken nesting basket (an ideal and fun basket perfect for pet cats and small dogs)

Split wood luncheon basket of Los Ancares (León)

Pyrenean horned basket made from split wood (Bres)

Intensive split wood courses:  Tecniques for preparing fine, narrow strips.  Techniques for preparing wide strips.

Concrete basketry techniques:  Pyrenean split wood horned basketry, Catalan twisted border and catalan “sparrow hop” base, split wood basketry of Los Ancares (León).


1-day craft demonstration of loom-weaving / basketry.   

1-day demonstrations including short workshops for children or adults.


Anna is guest lecturer at the University of Vigo in the ESDEMGA School of Textiles and Fashion and has extensive experience of lectures and illustrated talks.  Lluis is a well-known internatinal basketry teacher and has given illustrated talks at BA basketry summer schools.

Traditional Galician crafts (slide talk, no projector required by host venue).  1 hour +1&a session.

Traditional Galician weaving (slide talk, no projector required by host venue). 1 hour + q&a session

Galician loop-pile weaving:  A relic of the past?  Part of Spain´s cultural heritage?  Or a source for contemporary design?  Powerpoint presentation (digital projector required).  1 hour + q&a session.

Traditional basketry from north Spain.  1 hour +q&a session.

A weaver´s  life by Anna Champeney.  In 2000 Anna left the UK to join her Spanish partner in Spain.  In doing so she left her previous career as museum and exhibition curation, re-trained and started a new life as a self-empployed weaver.  In just 5 years she opened her hand-weaving studio in the mountain hamlet of Cristosende and obtained the Artesanía de Galicia craft mark.  In 2012 she was invited to become a lecturer at the University of Vigo teaching first year fashion students and now exhibits her textile design in international exhibitions and design fairs.  Find out how she did it.

A basketmakers´ life by Lluis Grau.  Born in Barcelona and trained as an industrial draftsman Lluis has lived and worked as a rural basketmaker for over 25 years.  He worked first as a traditional basketmaker working for his farmer neighbours in Catalunya and later on developed a reputation as international basketry teacher and researcher.   In 2012 he and Anna published the first manual on Spanish split wood basketry of Los Ancares.


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