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Natural wool from Suffolk sheep, organic (Llyen rare breed)


Springy and characterful, this fairly thick 2-ply organic wool has been spun from the fleeces from sheep at Anna Champeney´s mother´s organically-farmed land in Suffolk, UK.  There the small flock of rare breed sheep runs happily and freely on the farm´s meadows and in the winter feeds on organic hay cut from the farm´s hayfields.  The wool is available un-dyed.  It is perfect for making chunky and robust textiles such as bedcovers which can last a lifetime.  Sold as 2 skeins of approximately 100g each.

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Ideas for this wool include:

  1. (See photo of beautiful natural-dyed bedcover made by Suffolk crocheter, Kate).  Dye the yarn with wonderful natural colours you make yourself.  There are dyeplants in nature, in your garden –  even from the supermarket!  Options include walnut husks, blackberry leaves, bracken, dyers´ chamomile, walnut, tomato plant leaves, weld, onion skins……  Use alum mordant availble from natural dye suppliers online or iron (you can make this yourself by soaking old iron bits with vinegar and water).
  2. Picnic or car blanket – Why not knit or weave squares of fabric with different patterns and textural effects and piece them together to make a strong picnic blanket that can take the wear and tear and last for years.  Weave yourself a springy cushion with coloured stripes using the wool in the weft and a fine yarn in the warp.   Alternate between fine and thick yarns in the weft to create textured stripes.  If you use the wool undyed why not use a coloured yarn when you stitch the pieces together?
  3. Do you have a precious pet or cat?  Weave them their very own special blanket they will love.
  4. Weave yourself fabric for a  bag.  You might like to line it to make it stronger and more durable.


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