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Bubble scarf – Red – sold out


Anna Champeney chequerboard linen scarf in double-weave.

Practical design with linen – less wrinkling, no ironing required.

British design, 100% hand-made on wooden hand-looms in Spain

Hand-woven in Spain.

35cm x 180 cm

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red bubble black backgroundDescriptión: The photograph simply doesn´t conevey the quality of this extra-long Anna Champeney hand-woven linen scarf.  Its design means that the piece retains its shape and body during wear.  No fringe.  No ironing is necessary.  A wonderful textile.

Materials: 80% linen / 20% fine Japanese wool

Type of product: Hand-made.  Natural product.  British designed.  Woven on wooden hand-looms in Spain.

Measurements: 20cm x 180cm

Further information:

  • Care instructions:  Gentle handwash.  No ironing required.


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