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!Una profe de confianza para inspirarte! Anna es especialista británica con 20 años de experiencia como tejedora y diseñadora en España, con marca propia. Curso

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NEW Prepare and weave a 4/8 shaft table loom in a weekend (one-to-one tuition available)


If you´re looking for an intensive course to learn how to prepare a table loom and weave on it then this course does just that.  No frills – just a basic, intensive introduction.  If you want a longer version of this course which covers the theme in more detail (including fuller explanations and the chance to design and make an original finished piece like a scarf) why not look at our longer 3,4 and 5 day weave courses at beginner level. Where is this course  held:  Anna Champeney Estudio Textil / Textilesnaturales, Cristosende (A Teixeira), Ourense, Galicia, España.




  • Course description: If you are looking for a basic, intensive introduction to loom weaving course in just a weekened – this is the ideal course for you.  It´s our basic, no-frills course which does just what it says – it shows you how to set up a Louet 4 or 8 shaft table loom and weave a simple sampler with basic patterns such as plain weave and twill.  If you´re looking for a more in-depth version of this course which includes designing and weaving a final piece of work (such as a scarf) plus more in-depth explanations consider our longer 3, 4 and 5 day intensive weave courses which cover more ground.
  • Reservations:  Either reserve online via the course products in our shop or email us.
  • Note about materials: Materials are charged extra.  The cost is between 18,50 – 30,00 euros and we ask students to pay for materials in euros at the end of the course.
  • Note about language: This course is given in Spanish but English language support is available.  We consider that anyone with intermediate level Spanish can do this course.  However you may find this glossary table useful to prepare for the course with the basic weaving terms in both Spanish and English.  It is not expected that you will know what all these terms mean – in English or Spanish – and they will be explained during the course.
  • Ref. curso: Tej-12-5
  • Level:  beginners
  • Duration: 12.5 hours.
  • Timetable: (over 2 days) Day 1 10,00h – 14,00h y 15,30h – 19,00h / Day 2:  0900h – 14,00h
  • Teacher: Anna Champeney Estudio Textil / Textilesnaturales, Cristosende (A Teixeira), Ourense, Galicia, España.
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This content is available in: Español