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Latest news from Anna Champeney Estudio Textil – Temporary changes between April and August 2014

Emma Simmonds, 3rd year textile student at Loughborough, is our student intern this summer.  Here is a picture of her work.Temporary changes between April and August 2014 – Our programme of weave and textile design courses in Spain 2014 from May onwards

Textilesnaturales´ weave teacher, Anna Champeney, will be off on maternity leave for 16 weeks from mid-April so Lluis Grau will be our temporary weave teacher and assistant for Level 1 courses during this time.

Lluis will be leading our short beginners´ courses in May and June.  We start our summer course programme as always in Jully.  Anna will be back with us from August onwards with an exciting and full programme of courses including beginners´ weaving, linen weaving, Galician felpa (loop-pile) weaving, designing and fabric theory, as well as a new course in using Weavepoint software for weave design in the autumn.  So if you have intermediate level Spanish upwards please do consider joining us for one of our group courses.  If your language is English  then consider booking some one-to-one tuition with us.  Contact us for more details.

Our summer Intern from the UK is Emma Simmonds

In addition, we will be welcoming talented young British weave student from Loughborough University, Emma Simmonds, originally from Somerset, who will be assisting us with producing some of Anna´s textile designs between late June to mid July when  Anna is off work.

In the meantime here are a couple of photos and a paragraph of text provided by Emma –

Emma“I am a third year woven textiles student from Loughborough University. This year I have taken time out to fulfil 42 weeks working in industry.

I am coming to the end of my year and I am excited to be working with Anna Champeney.  I started weaving in my second year of University and fell in love with the technique and how creative you can be with it. I really enjoy experimenting with colour and pattern and pushing these possibilities on the loom.

My inspiration comes from my surroundings and I draw a lot from my countryside home in Somerset.  This year has led me to understand the vast possibilities of weaving both on an industrial and bespoke scale. It has shown me the importance of hand weaving as a craft and the possibility of it making a living from it.

I am really looking forward to learning from Anna and I’m sure I will be inspired by the beautiful surroundings”.

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