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Felpa Gallega – the north west Spanish traditional weave technique

Types of felpa weave t felpa details of coverlet designs on traditional - modern covlerletsGorullo, felpa, sacado a dedo, are three names for the same loop-pile technique that constitutes one of the most popular traditional weave techniques of north Spain up until the mid 20th century.  The technique is now practically lost but a few craft weaving studios are still able to weave it or teach it.

Textilesnaturales / Anna Champeney are one such studio and tomorrow we´re giving an intensive one-to-one course to Macus, from Chicago (USA).

Traditional felpa motifs

Here are a few photos of traditional hand-woven coverlets from Galicia, north Spain, so you can see the styles and symbols used by handweavers;  a mixture of the old and the new with ancient symbols mixed with digital photography….

If you´d like an intensive one-to-one introduction to this easy but versatile and fun technique contact us!



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